12 Best Korean Christmas Desserts and Snacks

While Korean desserts may not steal the spotlight like Bibimbap or the iconic Kimchi, they hold a special place in Korean cuisine. Often overlooked, these sweet treats are beloved by locals, offering a delightful burst of flavor and color. Especially during Christmas, Korean desserts take on a festive flair, adding joy to holiday celebrations.

In this post, I’ve compiled a list of the Best Korean Christmas desserts, for you to explore.

1- Kkae Gangjeong (Sesame Crunch)

This nutty, crunchy, and healthy sesame crunch is easy to make with sesame seeds, honey, and sugar! Feel free to add your favorite nuts and seeds for extra flavor.

2- Gochujang Caramel Cookies

I loved them! The mix of sweet caramel and a bit of spiciness from gochujang is just perfect. So, I thought, why not share this deliciousness with all of you? Trust me, these cookies are something special, and you’re going to enjoy every bite!

3- Korean Walnut Pastry (Hodugwaja)

Hodugwaja, or hodo kwaja (walnut cookies), is a popular Korean street snack. You can easily find it at highway rest stops in Korea.

4- Injeolmi (Korean Sweet Rice Cake)

Injeolmi is a popular Korean rice cake that’s wonderfully soft, chewy, nutty, and mildly sweet. Make this delightful gluten-free and vegan treat at home (using just the microwave) in less than 10 minutes!

5- Korean corn dogs

A Crispy Potato Corn Dog (Korean corn dog) is like a fancy version of a regular corn dog you might find at fairs. I love making it at home because it’s easy and fun!

6- Yakgwa (Korean honey cookies)

Try Yakgwa, these yummy Korean honey cookies! They’re crispy outside and sweet inside, with sesame oil, honey, and a bit of sake making them extra tasty. After a golden fry, they take a dip in ginger syrup for a warm kick. Perfect if you want a special dessert or to taste Korean treats.

7- Patbingsu (Korean Shaved Ice Dessert)

Create the perfect summer dessert by making Patbingsu (Korean shaved ice) at home! It’s guaranteed to cool you down, and it’s incredibly easy and delicious.

8- Dalgona (Korean Sugar Candy)

Dalgona or ppopgi is a nostalgic Korean honeycomb sugar candy made with sugar and baking soda.

9- Korean Tea Cookies (Dasik)

Dasik, wonderfully light and delicate Korean tea cookies, are traditional no-bake cookies crafted to serve honored guests, symbolizing good health and fortune in the New Year.

10- Korean Red Bean Mochi

Chapssaltteok is the Korean version of the popular mochi rice cake. This recipe incorporates a sweetened red bean filling.

11- Korean Rice Balls (Jumeokbap 주먹밥)

Korean rice balls, or Jumeokbap 주먹밥, are made with short-grain white rice rolled into compact balls filled with tuna. These seaweed-covered rice balls are a popular and flavorful snack, perfect for picnics or as an on-the-go treat!

12- Pepero Cake

Pepero cake is a simple yet creative way to make a cake using the popular Korean snack – Pepero sticks. Ready in 10 minutes!

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