Frolic in the kitchen with this Wasian as I explore cuisines, test popular recipes, and create my own original dishes!

Wasian Cookery

At Wasian Cookery, it’s all about exploring and creating. We’ll discover and test all kinds of recipes, flavors, and tasty bites. Although many of my original recipes will feature Korean food and ingredients, we’ll also create tasty new recipes inspired by my travels around East and Southeast Asia. We aren’t going for traditional or authentic, we’re just here to have fun!

Meet the Blogger

Hello, I’m Nancy! I was born in Seoul to a Korean mother and White American father and moved to the United States when I was 4. I am now a 30-something lady living in Washington with my husband and two toy poodles, Darla and Monty. Food is my love language, my hobby, and my comfort blanket. Although I grew up in the United States and had a pretty standard American childhood (if there really is such a thing), food bonded me to my Korean heritage— to my mother, my mother’s family, my Korean friends and neighbors, and my first home.

This bond meant introducing my childhood friends to bulgogi when they visited for sleepovers. It meant arriving to school chewing mint gum to mask my garlic breath following a breakfast of fish, soup, and rice. It meant celebrating my college graduation with my friends grilling the Korean BBQ my mother lovingly marinated, froze, and overnighted to my dorm. And it meant growing up knowing the taste of delicious, Korean home-cooking that I would eventually learn to make for myself and my own family.

Although Korean food remains forever near and dear to my heart, I’m enamored by the infinite ingredients and cooking techniques found globally and I’m hungry to learn and taste them all. I’ve never received any formal cooking training — everything I know about cooking I learned from my mother and from watching thousands of cooking shows and food videos on TV and online. So there will be lots of learning on this journey, too! At Wasian Cookery, we’ll try everything from various cultural cuisines to different cooking styles and techniques, and I’m thrilled to explore and share my cookery with you!

Thank you for dropping by! It would mean the absolute world to me if you tried any of my original recipes. If you do, please feel free to share any photos on Instagram by tagging @wasiancookery!