15 best Japanese noodle soups You Need to Try!

Japanese food is famous for its many tasty dishes. One special kind of food is Japanese noodle soups. They’re super yummy and loved by people all around the world. There’s ramen with its tasty broth and udon, which is simple but so comforting. These noodle soups are like a tasty journey for your taste buds!

Here are 15 popular Japanese noodle soups that you will like:

1. Udon Noodle Soup

This Japanese noodle soup recipe showcases an easy udon soup base that you can whip up in minutes. Customize your bowl with your favorite udon toppings like spring onion, katsuobushi (bonito flakes), and shichimi togarashi (Japanese chili flakes)! This light and tasty Japanese noodle soup is ideal for a quick lunch, dinner, or appetizer.

2. Tan Tan Ramen

Tan Tan Ramen (Tantanmen) is a rich and flavorful Japanese ramen noodle soup inspired by the renowned Chinese Sichuan dan dan mian. Its savory toppings and the spicy yet creamy soup broth stand out.

3. Nagasaki Champon

Nagasaki Champon is a Japanese noodle dish originating from Nagasaki, featuring a variety of ingredients such as seafood, vegetables, and pork in a savory broth.

4. Shio Ramen

Shio ramen, translating literally to salt ramen, is a popular ramen style served in Hakodate, a port city in Hokkaido, Japan. The broth is clear and light, offering a salty and savory flavor.

5. Zaru Soba

Zaru soba is a refreshing, cold soba noodle dish made with buckwheat noodles dipped in tsuyu, a savory dipping sauce. This quick and easy version allows you to enjoy cold soba noodles in just 7 minutes without sacrificing any flavor!

6. Kake Soba

Kake Soba is a Japanese noodle dish consisting of soba noodles served in a hot, savory broth.

7. Nabeyaki Udon

Nabeyaki Udon is a wintertime staple in Japan. In this recipe, thick, chewy udon noodles are cooked in a flavorful dashi broth along with a kamaboko fish cake, a deep-fried tofu pouch, scallions, and an egg. You can elevate it with crispy shrimp tempura for an extra fancy touch or keep it simple with ingredients from your fridge.

8. Somen Cold Noodle Soup

This quick and easy somen cold noodle soup recipe is a perfect light meal for cooling down on hot summer days. It features a delicious dashi broth and is filled with hearty shiitake mushrooms and onions.

9. Niku Udon

Niku Udon (Japanese Meat Udon)! This noodle soup is topped with thinly sliced beef and a sprinkling of Shichimi Togarashi.

10. Chicken Paitan Ramen

The distinctive feature of Chicken Paitan Ramen is the milky white broth, known as paitan broth, made from chicken bones and chicken feet.

11. Spicy Miso Tsukemen 

Spicy Miso Tsukemen is a Japanese dish where cold noodles are served with a separate hot dipping broth made with spicy miso.

12. Yuzu Ramen

An easy Yuzu Shio Ramen recipe topped with blistered shishito peppers, stir-fried bean sprouts, colorful pickled Swiss chard stems, and roasted turkey with crackling skin.

13. Shabu Shabu

Shabu-shabu is a hot pot recipe inspired by a Chinese hot pot, originating in Osaka, Japan, in the 1950s before gaining popularity nationwide. The name “shabu shabu” (pronounced shah-boo shah-boo) is derived from the sound the ingredients make when you ‘swish swish’ them around in the broth.

14. Japanese Enoki and Shiitake Mushroom Soup

Japanese enoki and shiitake mushroom soup is a beautiful and heartwarming dish that can be easily and quickly prepared to accompany a weeknight meal or enjoyed as a light meal by itself.

15. Curry Udon

Curry udon is a spicy, mouth-watering noodle soup that’s a lunchtime favorite across Japan.

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